sábado, 25 de julho de 2009

Convocatória/call: Learn to Swim / Bolderaja group

LEARN TO SWIM!THEME: Learn to swim! The project of the Bolderaja group - an answer to those planners of Riga and politicians of Latvia who think that they can fool the floods with laws.While politicians are trying to invent and implement schemes on how to bypass the Flood directive and create laws and regulations that would benefit the Big Port Business, people who live near the water and know how helpless they are when faced with floods, can only be given the following advice: "Learn to swim!"
SIZE/TECHNIQUE/MEDIA: Free - (video, multiples, sound work, poetry, visual poetry, objects…)
EXHIBITION - within the framework of the Latvian Contemporary Arts Center's project titled "the survival kit," on September 2009 on the main streets of Riga, in one of the shops that closed its doors due to the economic crises.
DOCUMENTATION to all participants
DEDLINE to be received: SEPTEMBER 1, 2009

Bolderaja group
a/k 42Riga,
LV - 1016
Latvia /Letónia (Europa)

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