quinta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2009

Make a Drawing - Faça um desenho

Make a Drawing
Theme: This is a call for mail art to draw anything you want and send me.
A line, curves, light and shadows, textures, abstraction, figure and form, realism, nature, portrait, croquis, etc.
Explore the quality of drawing to make visible the movement of the hand. Is the act of drawing the creation of a drawing?... or is the end result?
Size: free
Medium: only paper and pencil
No returns, no jury, no sales.
Exhibition: All the received works will be exhibited. Please include your name, title, mailing and email addresses. I will send a drawing mine in exchange for your contribution.
Deadline to be received: November 1, 2009
Make a drawing
Casilla nº 27
C.P. 2220000
V regiónCHILE

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