sexta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2012


Hereby we invite you to participate in the newest round of Arnolfini Archives’ project called Mini[e]MailArt,
with the subject: Tools.

Your tasks are as follows:
1 To save the mma20 file into your computer; this file appears in big size (600x600 pixels; 300 dpi) by clicking on this sign: }}}{{{ 
 To open it using a graphic program.

3 To place one or more tools on the surface.  
4 To save changes.  
5 To send your work (only one) back to Arnolfini Archives by e-mail - - till 30th November 2012; in the e-mail please write us your name, country, and – if you have – your blog and/or website address.
6 To keep watching the arriving works in theblog:

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